DIY Sunshine Basket


IMG_5524Do you know someone who needs a little extra sunshine in their lives? I certainly do…we all need a little “pick-me-up” every now and then! Today I’m sharing a fun DIY that can hopefully bring some sunshine to brighten someones day!

This “DIY Sunshine Basket” is a thoughtful, cost-effective gift for a friend who just needs a little something special to brighten up their day.

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Weekend Project – Double desk!


These days, there is a lot of work happening in the Watkins’ household! My husband is in seminary full-time through Liberty Online, and I am trying to blog more often and do my research on future endeavors my husband and I are considering. Since we moved into our new house, we have an office space/music room that we teach out of and where my husband does most of his school work. Unfortunately, this office space didn’t come with a new desk…so my 5’9″ man has been doing his work on the floor, at the kitchen table, or sitting at my frilly-white writing desk. Bless his heart! So, once we were settled I hit up Pinterest (dangerous, dangerous place!) to find some inspiration.  I started coming across double desks and knew that’s what we needed. A way for us to both work and spend time together!

This idea for a double long, double wide desk started with inspiration from Pinterest and a sketch! Keep reading for a simple DIY and inspiration I found around to blogging world!

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Meal Plan Monday


It’s back to school this week for my husband and I. Don’t get me wrong, I feel so blessed that we both have great jobs and work the same schedule – but I will miss lazy mornings and the relaxed schedule we’ve enjoyed the last two weeks. I’m the type of person who either goes 100% or not at all, so the busy-ness of the semester wears me down. We had a wonderful, relaxing break full of entertaining in our new home, spending time with family for the Holidays, enjoying our new church, investing time in each other, and spending time in God’s word. But, back to reality!

I love planning our meals and trying out new recipes. But, this week is pretty simple as I am trying to clean out the fridge, eat clean to recover from all the treats and eating out during the holiday break, and ease myself back into waking up early/being busy/etc. My husband also got a charcoal grill for Christmas. Usually I do most of the prep and cooking because he is in seminary full time on top of working. He doesn’t go back to seminary for another TWO WEEKS though, so he is putting his new grill to good use this week and next!

Keep reading for our meal plan this week!

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Meal Plan Monday!

Here is what my meal planning system looks like in real life! If you want to read more about how I organize and plan our meals, check out this post.

I didn’t use my calendar this week because I am trying to eat consistently and more healthy than I have been the past few weeks! I tend to stress and graze..meaning carbs, peanut butter, and dark chocolate.  I don’t always plan my breakfasts and lunches, but going into the holidays means less healthy eating, so this week is my saving grace! Instead of a monthly calendar, I just wrote out all meals on a blank sheet of paper and taped it on the fridge. My to-do list over the Christmas break includes a prettier and more environmentally friendly meal planner, but for now paper and tape it is!

Continue reading to see what we are eating this week!

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Meal Planning

Two of our top priorities in the Watkins’ household are eating healthy {mostly} and staying within our monthly entertainment/groceries budget. We also try to sit down together for dinner as much as possible, even though some weeks that’s only once or twice! One of the easiest ways to simplify this aspect of our lives is through meal planning! There are numerous services out there that will email you a weekly planner with meals, recipes, and grocery lists. How convenient, right? I thought so too, and I still think it’s a great option for some families! But, I love browsing Pinterest for recipes {can I get an AMEN?} and I found that meal planning services just didn’t meet all of our needs and wants. So, I came up with my own system that tends to work well for us. Keep reading to learn how I manage our meals every week with Pinterest and a monthly calendar! Continue reading “Meal Planning”

Simply Abundant

My verse for 2015 was John 10:10

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

The enemy did come. He stole my joy, my passion, my motivation, and my grace. He attacked my marriage. I was lost, discouraged and without hope. I felt ashamed that my seemingly easy life had been turned upside down again and guilty that I assumed our marriage wouldn’t be under attack by the enemy.  I was paralyzed by fear and couldn’t foster new relationships. God felt distant.

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