Hi friends! It’s been a while! Life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately. It seems like we are either running 100 mph in 5 different directions or catching our breaths before the next bout of craziness picks up.  This week has been a bit of a forced pause – the flu has hit our house hard. Yuck! So far I’ve managed to get by with only a head cold but poor hubs..he’s been down all week.

This slam-on-the-breaks kind of slow down has left me feeling – well, a bit lonely. Isn’t it crazy that we can be surrounded by things to do, people to see, activities we love, and tasks to accomplish, and still feel a little (or a lot) alone? There have been times when I have felt so alone that it is suffocating and loneliness consumes me much like waves of grief, and times like this past week when my normal routine is thrown off and I’m forced to go about my day alone.

We are bombarded every day by other people’s “best” moments that we quickly compare to our worst. We set such high expectations for  ourselves that we would never expect anyone else to reach, and when we don’t meet them it feels like we are the only one on the planet that can’t {fill in the blank}. That is so, incredibly isolating friends. It pushes us away from each other and from God because heaven forbid someone know we failed (seriously, a real fear of mine). Continue reading “Loneliness”