To the Beach!

Last week we (mom, dad, sister, hubs, me) spent a week at the beach! I don’t post a lot about our personal lives because that’s not what this blog is about. BUT I do want to encourage you…to get away! I am blessed with a family that values time away from real life and time spent with each other. Some of my sweetest memories are from vacations with my family and I don’t take for granted the times we get together and the fact that we all truly enjoy this time spent together. We love each other and love spending time together. It’s even sweeter to spend a week together now that we don’t all live together!

Whether it’s just a trip to a nearby town for a night or a week long vacation to an exotic location, intentional time with family is so important! Keep reading for a few pictures of our week together!

The view from our bed! Waking up to this never got old.


Jet skies rides with dolphins.

Our first time zip-lining!

Icecream runs and tourist shops!

Games on the beach.

We had some time to relax too.

And we enjoyed the best seafood! Yum!

We played games, built sandcastles, laughed at each other pummeling through the waves, cooked together, walked in the rain looking at the bayside beach houses, boogie boarded and body surfed, ran 26 flights of stairs on the rainy day and got caught in downpours, rode the waves on inner-tubes, soaked up a lot of sun and even more memories.

Now that we are back home, unpacked, and through all the laundry its back to the ‘normal’ routine of summer. Eldon is working diligently on seminary – he doubled up this summer to stay on track for his 4 year degree. I’m babysitting a few times a week for two of the sweetest families! I’ve been with them for 3 summers now, and love the kids like they are my own! We continue or music lessons over the summer, and are also loving being able to attend staff meetings at church and build deeper relationships there. We are finding time to bike ride and enjoy each other’s company much more often than during the school year. Vacation and the extra pockets of time we have over the summer are such sweet relief after the school year!



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