Abiding in God’s Truth

“You are nothing more than a warm meal and a clean house”
“Your purpose isn’t significant compared to the work of others”
“He deserves so much more than you have to offer”
“You don’t deserve what God has blessed you with”

Lies. That is what those statements have in common. They come from the enemy and they come loud and persistent, and even more so if I haven’t been in the word consistently. So that’s where I go. I abide in Christ I seek his word – his truth. The sword of the spirit is God’s word {Eph. 6:17} and his word is inspired and available to us. To fight the lies. To fill us with truth.

As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love.
{John 15:9}

What does it mean – practically – to abide in Jesus? To remain in God’s love? To dwell in his presence?

I think as believing, professing Christians, it has a lot to do with believing the truth we have stored in our hearts, giving ourselves the grace to approach a holy God even when we don’t feel worthy, and surrendering our hearts, minds, and souls to Jesus.

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A wife’s perspective on seminary


I knew before Eldon and I were married that our lives would be involved in ministry in some capacity, as he is a gifted worship leader (I may be biased…but the Lord works in great ways through his music!) and has always wanted to pursue ministry and leadership in the church. That being said, I never imagined I’d be in this season. Until recently I haven’t felt worthy or called to this life. But God is good and he has a purpose for all of us, planned an orchestrated from before we were formed in the womb. I can see now how God was using my circumstances to shape and mold me to be a strong, grounded, and supported wife and helper (who still needs a whole lot of grace) and to ultimately love others in a way that furthers the kingdom of God. God has been opening my eyes to the unique ways he can use both myself and Eldon and I as a married couple. I feel burdened to joyfully and wholly pursue ministry in whatever capacity he has for us, and I can say with no reservation that I am ready to come beside my husband in his ministry as well, no matter how “big or small” that may look. Continue reading “A wife’s perspective on seminary”

Fighting the Lies of the Enemy

I am not a good enough mom.
I am not a good enough wife.
I am not thin enough.
I am not Pinterest-y enough.
I am not pretty enough.
I am not humble enough.
I am not assertive enough.
I am not smart enough.
I am not spiritual enough.
If I asked you raise your hand for each of the above statements that rang true to you, how many would have your hand raised for two?…three?…over half? We could replace the descriptor with any character trait or role…and I bet some of us would still nod our heads in agreement.
Can I just be honest and tell you that I’ve been struggling for most of our marriage with feelings of “not good enough”? Some of that has been of my own doing, and some of it I feel like I’ve been thrust into whether I believed it about myself in the beginning or not.   I’ve read books, articles, and blog posts. I’ve listened to wisdom and encouragement from other women and messages from teachers I respect.  But no matter how many times I’ve read it or heard, my heart just doesn’t want to believe. The hurt goes deep into a place that is rarely touched by anything other than God’s grace. The same grace that I am so ready to give to others yet find impossible to give myself. But lately I’ve also felt deeply convicted to pursue truth about who I am in Christ.

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