Intentional Conversation Starters

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Conversation starters

So you’ve found some time with your spouse folding laundry, riding in the car, or grabbing a quick cup of coffee together. But then what. How do you turn these everyday bits of time into time that fills each other up emotionally? How to you connect and communicate on a deeper level when you are surrounded by the demands of life – work, kids, church, friends. For us, it is all about deciding to be intentional with our time. If I don’t decide that in the 30 minute car ride to community group, I am going to intentionally pursue my husband in conversation, we will resort to what is practical. Practical conversations need to happen (and there are times when they do happen in the car and over coffee) but so do intentional ones. Sometimes my husband and I find ourselves venturing into deeper conversation without much thought, and other times we both need it but it’s just hard to get there. Now..if I am going to be completely honest here, I have to tell you that I’ve never used these “conversation starters” before.  We ask each other questions like this from time to time, but sometimes we just get stuck in a rut! Keep reading for 20 intentional conversational starters to go deeper in conversation with your spouse!

  1. What part of your day do you most look forward to?
  2. This or That? (Ice cream or cake? Bike riding or swimming? Sushi or Mexican?)
  3. If you could witness one biblical event, what would it be?
  4. What is your favorite childhood memory?
  5. What is your favorite memory from our marriage so far?
  6. Of everything you have accomplished in life so far, what makes you most proud?
  7. What part of the Bible to you most enjoy reading?
  8. In the last 6 months, what area of growth in your life have you been most encouraged by?
  9. In the last year, what one thing have you learned about God and/or yourself?
  10. In the last year, what has most helped your walk with God?
  11. How would you describe your spiritual life in the last year?
  12. What is your most difficult pressure or challenge at this point in your life?
  13. How would you like to grow in your walk with God in the next year?
  14. How would you like to grow personally in the next year?
  15. If money wasn’t an issue, what would be your ideal job?
  16. If money weren’t an issue, where would you most like to travel? Why?
  17. How has God spoken into your life recently? Through scripture, music, a message, others?
  18. What is the most important thing your parents taught you growing up?
  19. What is your favorite meal to cook at home?
  20. Where is your favorite place you have traveled?

If you try any of these conversation starters, I’d love to hear if you find them helpful or insightful! Which question would you most like to ask your spouse? If you need some ideas on ways to find time together as a couple, check out my post – 10 Ideas for Busy Couples to Spend Intentional Time Together!

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