The Mountains and the Seas

My family traveled to Estes Park, Colorado last summer. If you have ever lost your breath at the beauty and majesty of the ocean, you need to experience the mountains too. Never have I been so awed by and so convinced of God's existence, creation, and unconditional love. Everywhere you look, there are breathtaking views. … Continue reading The Mountains and the Seas


Intentional Conversation Starters

Many of you have come to Our Simply Abundant Life through this post via Pinterest - welcome! I am so glad you are here. Please check out my about page, our story  (the reason why I started this blog) and some of my other popular posts here and here! I hope you are encouraged and pointed to … Continue reading Intentional Conversation Starters

10 Ideas for Busy Couples to Spend Intentional Time Together

We all know the importance of spending intentional time with our spouses/significant others. And we've all heard that weekly/monthly/scheduled date nights are a staple of healthy marriages. But that is so. much. pressure. Let me admit to something -- my husband and I don't have a weekly date night. It's not in my calendar, we … Continue reading 10 Ideas for Busy Couples to Spend Intentional Time Together