Imperfect is enough

What IF we lived like Jesus? What IF Imperfect love and Imperfect progress was enough?

What a beautiful weekend we had at the IF gathering in downtown Bentonville. I still haven’t processed the entire weekend. But one thing God is pressed hard into my heart through the speakers, worship, and conversations had is imperfect is enough. It’s what I wrote on my domino at the end of the weekend.

Let imperfect love and imperfect progress be enough. Because in Jesus I am enough.

We don’t have to be enough to come to the feet of Jesus. We don’t have to have everything figured out before we lay our junk down at the cross. God is interested in the renewal of all things, in making all things new. When the word was made flesh and he dwelt among us, it was for our redemption. God is the one who restores our purpose each and every morning. God wants us. He wants our brokenness, our pain, our shame, our guilt, and our failures. Because he is our redeemer and he restores our souls. {Take away from Jo Saxton}


We need to bring all of our stuff. All of our brokenness. Bring it into the light and lay it down at the cross. The same cross where Jesus died for us. We need to let ourselves be enough for Jesus and let everything else go. Let go of fear of what others think. Let go of fear that we won’t make something of ourselves. Let go of fear that our story is insignificant. Let go of fear that someone will see that we aren’t perfect. Because when you have nothing to protect and nothing to prove, you become free and dangerous for the kingdom of Christ. Something about being in life for Jesus allows us to let go of being in it for our name, our success, and our acceptance. In Jesus, we are enough. Apart from him we can do nothing, but in him we can do anything. {Take away from Jennie Allen and Shelley Giglio}


What IF we lived and loved like Jesus?  What IF we lived like we believed Jesus really is the redeemer, the restorer, our merciful savior from who all blessing flow? God’s love can break chains. His love looks people in the eye and says – You have value. You are important. You are not outside God’s redemptive power and grace. Loving like Jesus takes courage. It takes intention. And it takes imperfection. Jesus is not afraid to love you recklessly – nothing about you is scandalous to him. If we want to love like Jesus, we have to lay down the enemy of power and superiority. We have to let go of the pursuit of perfection. And we have to love the least of them with touch, presence, proximity, and dignity. Loving people like Jesus requires us to lay down the comfort of being higher than and better than Loving people like Jesus means we let the true vine supply all we need, and let imperfect love be enough. {Take away from Jen Hatmaker}


We are promised God. We are promised eternity. And if we chose to embrace it, we are promised a relationship with the creator of the universe. He is the ultimate redeemer. The provider. Abba father. He is love. He is grace. He is perfection in the face of temptation. {Take away from Angie Smith}


As women, we need to recognize the unique place God has put us. Jesus not only loves those around you so much he sent his son for them, he loves them so much he sent you. Remember the simple purpose God has give you. Your calling isn’t to be perfect. It to make disciples. Be bold, be courageous, be imperfect, and share the gospel with the holy spirit as your helper. {Take away from David Platt}


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