Weekend Project – Double desk!


These days, there is a lot of work happening in the Watkins’ household! My husband is in seminary full-time through Liberty Online, and I am trying to blog more often and do my research on future endeavors my husband and I are considering. Since we moved into our new house, we have an office space/music room that we teach out of and where my husband does most of his school work. Unfortunately, this office space didn’t come with a new desk…so my 5’9″ man has been doing his work on the floor, at the kitchen table, or sitting at my frilly-white writing desk. Bless his heart! So, once we were settled I hit up Pinterest (dangerous, dangerous place!) to find some inspiration.  I started coming across double desks and knew that’s what we needed. A way for us to both work and spend time together!

This idea for a double long, double wide desk started with inspiration from Pinterest and a sketch! Keep reading for a simple DIY and inspiration I found around to blogging world!

Here are a few of the desks that got my creative juices flowing…

I have had some successful Pinterest recipes and a few projects around the house that have worked out well (more on those later!) but I am by no means a DIY’er at heart. So, bear with me!

Because this was our first major DIY project, we decided to go with a more expensive option for the top – rather than buying 3-5 planks of wood that would then need to be sanded, sawed, adjusted and then anchored together, we went to Home Depot and had them cut a piece of plywood to size for us. We went with a 30 inch deep by 8 feet wide cut of plywood. This gives us plenty of room front to back, enough space for two seats, and a way to add more storage underneath as needed, and it fits in our office without blocking the window or the closet door. The plywood we purchased was pre-sanded and flat to begin with.  It still took about three days of pre-treating, sanding, staining, and sealing. We used Minwax pre-stain, stain in dark walnut, and a polycrylic sealant. I liked the polycrylic better because it is sturdier and gives a smoother and more shiny surface. We followed the instructions on the cans exactly and also watched a few YouTube videos on sanding and staining, which helped immensely!

For the legs of the desk I wanted something flexible that could easily be broken down and used in different spaces and for different purposes down the road. I eventually went with the Threshold Avington 2-Cube Organizer Shelf in white – they look better and are much sturdier than any similar line I have seen in this area. Ikea has some good options too (their Kallax line and their Alex) but I didn’t want to pay for shipping and these cube organizers can be used in closets and kids rooms down the road, when we don’t have room for a large desk anymore. I purchased five of the organizers – three for the front and then two additional ones for the back left and right of the desk. This was for stability and for extra storage – we don’t need it right now, but I know we will soon! Do you know how many books you need for seminary?! A. Lot. We also plan on homeschooling our kiddos someday – this “desk” can easily be transformed into a table that allows for lots of schoolwork and artwork in the future.

The organizers came with brackets to anchor them to the wall – rather than do that, we are going to use them to anchor the top of the desk to the organizers to it doesn’t move around. I also love that you can purchase dividers for the cubes now, making them even more multi-purpose than before.

I found these crates on sale at target and picked up a few different sizes. I also have several tubs that fit inside the cubes – these go on the back left side, hidden out of site! We had two lamps (minus one lampshade – still working on that) that needed a place to go, leftover white frames from our wedding, and a cork board from our old office that helped spruce up the desk for now. I like to hit up goodwill and clearance sales to decorate, so that aspect will be a work in progress for sometime! The chairs are actually bar stools – this wasn’t planned, because we thought the desk would be closer to chair height than counter height. I am so glad I never sold these stools before we moved – we got them for $20 each on clearance at Sam’s Furniture – they saved me from having to go out and buy chairs that fit the desk.

Altogether this project cost us about  $350 including the accessories, stain, sander/sandpaper, and all the big pieces. If you already have some of the tools or stain lying around, this would be even cheaper for you! Wait for the organizers to go on sale at target or buy them when they have promotions running. That saved me about $50, bringing the total cost down to $300. Not bad for an eight-foot long two-and-a-half feet deep desk!



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