Have you ever been rock climbing? Last year while vacationing in Estes Park, CO my husband and I went to an indoor climbing gym on a rainy day to attempt rope climbing and bouldering. Back home we decided to go all in and purchase a membership to the local climbing gym. For the first few months, what … Continue reading Brave


Tracing the path of Gods faithfulness

Marriage is teaching me how to trust God with everything, and not dig up what I planted in faith. Growing up life was easy and I had things under control. Life was full of blessings and empty of trials. I am so thankful for those years and the precious memories I have. But in my … Continue reading Tracing the path of Gods faithfulness

Weekend Project – Double desk!

These days, there is a lot of work happening in the Watkins' household! My husband is in seminary full-time through Liberty Online, and I am trying to blog more often and do my research on future endeavors my husband and I are considering. Since we moved into our new house, we have an office space/music … Continue reading Weekend Project – Double desk!


God Sized Strength

What would happen in our lives if we lived in the absolute assurance that God's strength is more than enough? What would happen if we not only believed that his strength was enough for us, but acted upon this truth? For many months in my marriage I believed I was inadequate - and this is still something I struggle with … Continue reading God Sized Strength


New Years & New Truths

This season of life and marriage has proven to be a difficult one - it is not that things are inherently bad. They are just difficult. But I know God has his hand in this season just as much as any other, and I one-hundred percent believe that God will work all things for good, according to his purpose {Romans … Continue reading New Years & New Truths


Meal Plan Monday

  It's back to school this week for my husband and I. Don't get me wrong, I feel so blessed that we both have great jobs and work the same schedule - but I will miss lazy mornings and the relaxed schedule we've enjoyed the last two weeks. I'm the type of person who either … Continue reading Meal Plan Monday