Meal Plan Monday!

Here is what my meal planning system looks like in real life! If you want to read more about how I organize and plan our meals, check out this post.

I didn’t use my calendar this week because I am trying to eat consistently and more healthy than I have been the past few weeks! I tend to stress and graze..meaning carbs, peanut butter, and dark chocolate.  I don’t always plan my breakfasts and lunches, but going into the holidays means less healthy eating, so this week is my saving grace! Instead of a monthly calendar, I just wrote out all meals on a blank sheet of paper and taped it on the fridge. My to-do list over the Christmas break includes a prettier and more environmentally friendly meal planner, but for now paper and tape it is!

Continue reading to see what we are eating this week!

To find these recipes, check out my menu board on Pinterest!

Monday – CP creamy chicken and wild rice soup with salad
Tuesday – Homemade vegetable pizza with salad (chicken for the hubs) – no recipe here, just store bought pizza crust mix and sauce, top with whatever veggies and cheese we have on hand!
Wednesday – Leftover soup with french bread
Thursday – CP Lentil Soup with salad and french bread
Friday – Pasta with pesto and spinach (meatballs for the hubs)
Saturday – Grilled chicken with instant mashed potatoes & green beans – again no recipe, just a quick and healthier version of a comfort meal!
Sunday – Silver Dollar City Trip!

Eldon essentially takes the same thing to work for breakfast and lunch, which makes it easy on me! I try to plan something different on the weekends – usually a baked good or pancakes for breakfast and leftovers or eggs for lunch. On Sunday breakfast is whatever we have time to grab before church (leftover from Saturday morning and fruit) and we either go our for lunch or repeat Saturday – leftovers or eggs. This Sunday we are taking a day trip to Branson, so we will eat something portable en route, and get dinner there!

My breakfasts this week include easy things like green smoothies, greek yogurt with granola, and oatmeal bars.  For lunch I will take leftovers, salad, or a mix of snacks like trail mix, fruit, veggies and hummus, string cheese, etc.

This definitely helps keep our life simple! Not only do I like knowing whats for dinner and being able to plan ahead, but it helps keep our grocery budget and our waistlines in check!



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